How to sleep in noisy hotels

or how earplugs for sleeping saved me

earplugs for sleeping

earplugs for sleeping

I was on a business trip to London two years ago and had to find a hotel just few days before my departure. With a limited budget and not much time to choose I was happy to book a 3* Victorian architecture hotel near Bayswater in the last minute.

Well, nothing unexpected at fist look – small dark room, heavy velvet curtains and too soft bed. But ok, I would survive for 3 nights there :).

Then in the evening came the surprise that I was not prepared for. Obviously all the walls, floors and ceilings in these buildings are made of … cartoon. So I was able to hear every small noise from my neighbors or people in the corridor. There were some people moving continuously in the night, TV working in the next door room, other guests speaking … and of course I couldn`t fall asleep.

As I am very sensitive to noises while I am trying to fall asleep these things are a big problem to me. Maybe this sounds familiar to you. There are people that can sleep on different noises even if TV is working. I am just the opposite and need absolute quite to be able to fall asleep and to sleep deep.

In this case I haven`t even thought to change my room as all rooms were the same. I was even lucky being on the last floor. At least there were no walking people above.

Next evening was absolutely the same so I got up from bed, went outside, found the nearest pharmacy and started looking for earplugs for sleeping. There were several types in this pharmacy and I bought three pairs foam earplugs and a box of silicone ones. This was the first time when I saw and tried Bio Ears – the soft silicone earplugs for sleeping. The other type I bought was the orange 3M.

So I went back to my hotel room, cleaned my ears gently with a cotton swab and hot water and waited few minutes so my ear channels were absolutely dry. It is important to put the earplugs on clean ears in order to avoid itch. Your ear channels sweat in the night and this makes them feel itch. You can avoid this better when you start with clean ears. It is also important that you don’t push too much with the cotton swab so you don’t hurt your ear channels. Do it gently and preferably after taking a shower when your skin is wet and soft.

I put my newly bought orange 3M 1100 Foam Ear Plugs for sleeping and I felt so relaxed … oh so quite. This was my only chance to be able to sleep in this hotel. These classic orange earplugs work really well. Thank you 3M for the innovation.