How to Fall Asleep Fast and Easier

taking a napRemember when you were a kid and taking a nap was one of the most hated activity everyone hated doing? I can tell you I loathed taking afternoon sleep even though, I didn’t know at the time, it’s crucial for the bringing up of the young ones. Being called inside in afternoon while playing with friends was something not all of us were looking forward to, especially if everyone else is not going inside for that nap.

Now fast forward to when you are an adult and that loathed sleep is some kind of cherished activity. The urge to stay in bed even on working days is very strong and every second counts before the alarm rings out.

But the problem isn’t waking up in the morning but finding a way to sleep without fussing in bed for more than the normal time it requires one to sleep. There are a lot of reasons sleep doesn’t come as easy as it did when you were young.

When one was young there was no stressing about anything except maybe, undone homework or the games you’ll play tomorrow. As an adult you tend to have thoughts and idea in your head, it makes it impossible to fall asleep. It’s one of the biggest problems people say they can’t avoid.

So how does one go about the process of sleeping when they just can’t? What are the best ways to fall asleep?

  • Try as much as possible to make sure that you are comfortable enough in bed. If it’s too hot or cold try to adjust the temperature in the room. Wear loose pajamas or clothing’s and choose the right sleeping position that suits you. Adjust your pillows periodically to a more comfortable position. The best and most comfortable pillows are made of made of goose down.
  • Try taking a hot bath or shower as it increases the temperature of your skin and makes you fall asleep much faster. A shower or bath thirty minutes prior to bed time is beneficial to finding sleep.
  • Dim off the light in your room. Bright rooms can trick the body that it’s early to fall asleep when it’s really not. The body won’t release the hormones responsible for sleeping. You can wear a sleep mask to block off any light.
  • Block out the sounds made at night by using earplugs for sleeping. It blocks out the noise made by the neighbors or from the street. You can also achieve this by listening to soothing music as this can act as a background sound putting your mind to rest.
  • You can read a book before bed as it focuses your mind on one thing. Find something boring or dull and it can guarantee a fast route to slumber land.
  • Drinking warm milk or eating a banana before bed has proven a fast way for one to rest easily.
  • Although not recommended while in bed you can try thinking about something calming and boring. Counting is considerable and can easily lure out sleep.
  • The body needs time to rest and digest food so try and eating much earlier as digestion tends to interfere with sleep.
  • Exhaustion is unpreventable during the day, but sleeping in the day interferes with sleep during the night. It changes the sleeping cycle. During the day one can also try to work out and exhaust the body so that by bedtime one would be tired.
  • While in bed you can try some relaxing techniques like loosening your muscles and taking in deep breathes. Its keeps your mind clear of things and allows your body to rest.