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Soft Foam vs. Soft Silicone Earplugs

foam and silicone earplugs

If you have difficulty sleeping because of disturbing noises, the easiest and fastest way to solve this problem is to find good enough earplugs. Good enough earplugs means mainly two things: 1. Comfortable ones that will not cause your ears any irritation, itchy or pain. They should be so comfortable that you almost forget you wear them. 2. Earplugs with high noise reduction rating (NRR) that will assure noise canceling and quite sleep.

Combination of high comfort and high NRR will give you the best earplugs for sleeping. Usually foam earplugs have higher level of NRR comparing silicone earplugs. Good foam ones have NRR 30 and above. On the other hand silicone earplugs while with lower NNR provide better comfort as they do not interfere the ear channel.

We can summarize following pros and cons for both types:

Soft Foam Earplugs:
+ Excellent sound blocker – higher NRR, often above 30
+ Available in different sizes according to the earchannel
+ Soft Foam is a new technology and do not hurt the skin
Rarely drops out
+ Easy to use
+ Inexpencive comparing silicone earplugs

May cause itchy if long time used
Recommender for disposable use
May cause feeling of pressure in the ear if long time used

Soft Silicone Earplugs:
+ Softer comparing foam earplugs
+ Do not get into the ear channel and do not hurt the channel inside
+ Microbacterial silicone
Reusable for up to 3 times
+ Moldable according to your needs
+ Rarely cause itchy

Lower NRR comparing foam earplugs, usually under NRR 30
Sometimes drop out
− Might be difficult to fix to the ear
− More expencive comparing foam earplugs but still affordable

It is very individually to decide which earplugs are better and it depends on the personal requirements and feelings. If you use earplugs for first time you will be happy with the peace and silence that they provide but you may feel discomfort after some time. Discomfort is connected to feelings of pressure or itchy in the ear. Once you become more experienced in fitting right and correct the different earplugs you will be able to minimize these feelings.