3M Classic Earplugs for SleepingBest Earplugs for Sleeping: 3M EAR Classic Review

3M is among the leading producers of earplugs and I would say one of the most reliable and innovative companies. In fact they introduced the first foam earplugs in the world more than 30 years ago. Their products are high quality and widespread in the drugstores. The company offers many different types and forms of earplugs for sleeping. Probably their best seller is the orange 3M 1100 Foam Earplug because you can find it in almost every local pharmacy or drugstore.

However, in this review we will explore another type of 3M earplug which has many pros and deserves to be presented as one of the most comfortable earplugs for sleeping. This is 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs and it has already 144 reviews in Amazon with rating of 4,6 out of 5 stars!

Let`s take a closer look at this great product.

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Foam without pressure

3M earplugs are constructed from slow-recovery polymer foam which provides better comfort with reduced canal pressure comparing many other earplugs. Ideal for use if you have problem with disturbing noises, either in day activities or sleeping. The soft pvc foam is an excellent hearing protector and provides all night comfort.

Easy to use

The classic earplugs are easy to use because the foam stays firm while rolling with fingers and become soft immediately after getting in the ear.

3M earplugs for sleeping seal very well within the ear canal and stay there as long as needed. The foam is moisture resistant and also flame resistant. It may be used as a hearing protection by people exposed to noise working environment, for example in construction or manufacturing industries.

Cylindrical shape

The advantages of the cylindrical shape are better fitting to the shape of the earcanal and help create a comfortable noise barrier. They outperform better than tapered earplugs in regards to different sizes and forms of ear canals.

Value for money

Finally, these are one of the most widely used earplugs made from foam. They are reliable choice for blocking out unwanted noise and still economical solution.

High noise reduction rating of 29 dB.

Classic foam has been tested in laboratories and meets the highest requirements of Grade a USP Class VI Medical Grade Material.

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