Best Earplugs for Sleeping Reviews

How To Find the Best Earplugs for Sleeping: The Definitive Guide

Best Earplugs For Sleeping

Car traffic, noisy neighbors, snoring partner… Does it sound familiar to you? If you are experiencing sleep problems in a noisy area, you’re not alone. Many people like you and me found that earplugs are a good idea. Best Earplugs For Sleeping help you choose the right product for you.

If you are like me, you most probably got tired of trying to find the most comfortable and noise canceling earplugs for sleeping. There are so many types of earplugs on the market and all of them claim that they are the best.

After a long search and many sleepless nights I came to the conclusion that one product could be good for my ears but may not suit to somebody else’s ears. It is individually to find the best product that will fit to your needs. The choice depends on how your ears feel and react on the different materials and forms of the earplugs and the noise level you want to block out.

You should require more information and for more than one product and then decide the best for your case.

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In my search for my perfect earplugs, after reading a lot of information and customer reviews and trying different types and models, I narrowed it down to 3 main types according to the material and model:

Top 3 Soft Foam Earplugs for Sleeping Quick Comparison

ParametersMack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs
Hearos - Xtreme Protection
3M 1100 Foam Ear Plug
Price and Image
Amazon RatingRating: 4,4 out of 5Rating: 4,0 out of 5Rating: 4,7 out of 5
ReviewsCustumer Reviews
Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews
MaterialSuper low-pressure foamComfortable foamSmooth and soft foam
Noise Reduction Rating NRR 32dBNRR 33dBNRR 32dB
Number of Earplugs50 Pairs14 Pairs200 Pairs

I used to sleep with 3M 1100 Foam Earplug for many years and consider them for the best earplugs for sleeping. That is why I stroungly recommend these orange soft foam earplugs to everyone. It is better to use them once and change with a new pair on the next night. I have tried to wash them but always feel better with a new pair. 3M are available also in a smaller pack.

Mack`s Ultra Soft Foam and Hearos Xtreme are also very good choise and value for money. These both are the best sellers on Amazon and that is why are considered among the best earplugs for sleeping.

Top 3 Soft Silicone Earplugs for Sleeping Quick Comparison

ParametersMacks Pillow Silicone Earplugs
BioEars® Soft Silicone Earplugs
World's Finest Ear Plug
Price and Image
Amazon RatingRating: 4,4 out of 5Rating: 5,0 out of 5Rating: 4,2 out of 5
ReviewsCustomer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
MaterialMoldable soft
Soft Silicone with anti-
microbial protection
Soft, Moldable & Reusable
Noise Reduction Rating NRR 22dBNRR 22dBNRR 22dB
Number of Earplugs12 Pairs9 Pairs6 Pairs

If you do not like the feeling of foam earplugs in your earchannel then you have to consider using silicone earplugs. They just fit and stick above the opening of the ear channel and do not det in the ear. My favorite choise for best earplugs for sleeping in category silicone is BioEars Soft Silicone.

Mask`s and World`s Finest Silicone Earplugs are again bestsellers and considered as one of the most comfortable in their category.

Top 3 Earplugs for Sleeping Reviews

If you want to find the best solution for yourself, then you have to consider both the pros and the cons of a certain product. Believe it or not, theres nothing out there 100% perfect, but some of the earplugs for sleeping can actually get pretty close.

Here are detailed reviews on 3 excelent products you may want to try:

BioEars Soft Silicone Earplugs


My favorite and number one according to the comfort is BioEars. What I like the most about this item is that you do not insert it in the ear canal and because of that it is very comfortable for sleeping. You just have to place plug over ear’s opening and press gently until snug. It is made of soft silicone which has to cover tightly your ear opening. Something more – this is the only soft silicone earplug which uses a powerful anti-microbial agent called ACTIValoe.

The usual foam earplugs have to be inserted in your ears and this often cause itchy. Bioears do not stick inside the canal and that is why you will not feel itchy or pressure.

The most important is to use them properly as directed. Once you find out how to mold them over ear they are very comfortable earplugs for sleeping. You may forget that they are on your ears.

Even when you lie down on one side the silicone earplug can snug better under the pressure of your pillow.

So, the following things are what I like most about Bioears:

  • Softer comparing foam earplugs and easy to fit
  • Special antimicrobial protection keeps the earplug free of microbes
  • Do not cause itchy if properly used
  • Can be used up to 3 times or until becomes dirty or no longer sticky

To be completely honest with you this type of earplug has a minus as well – they cannot absolutely block out very loud sounds. Their noise reduction rating is 22 decibels that is less comparing good foam earplugs. However, in my case NRR 22 decibels is absolutely fine and they stop all the disturbing sounds for me. This noise reduction rating is absolutely fine for moderate noises or light snoring. In case that you want to block out loud snoring or noise coming from heavy auto traffic you will definitely need higher noise reduction rating earplugs.

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3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs

3M earplugs

I like this product because these are the most effective sound canceling earplugs I have ever found and experienced. I guess this is due to the different type of foam comparing any other product on the market. The slightly rough texture helps the sleeping earplug to grip the ear canal and make a better seal. You can easily scrunch it down to fit and it will stay in place all night. On the other hand, they seem to be more breathable, which is excellent and still keeping the majority of the noise out.

What I like also is the cylindrical shape. 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs have straight ends while most of the foam earplugs are rounded at the end. Honestly, before trying it I was skeptic but it happened just on opposite – the cylindrical shape helps against itchy and keeps the sleeping earplugs in place. They are designed to fit a wide range of ear canals and give maximum comfort. This is very important for you in order to not wake up in the night because of discomfort.

Usually you can use them 3-4 times before getting dirty or do not fit properly anymore. Aside from that, they are not expensive and provide true value for money. They are made in USA.

In summary, I prefer 3M E-A-R Classic Earplug because:

  • Excellent sound canceling
  • Slow recovery foam assures comfort with low pressure
  • Usually does not cause irritation or itchy
  • Rarely drops out
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive and very effective

On the other hand, however, this is still something you insert in your ear canal and you may feel it or sometimes tickle you skin inside.

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Howard Leight LL1 Laser Lite Earplugs

Howard Leight LL1 Laser Lite Earplug

On third place, this Howard Leight Earplugs has some good sides too that made me include it in my list of best earplugs for sleeping. What I like most about this product is the fact that it has smaller diameter and fits to narrow ear canals. The T-shape form makes easier to insert and wear. These ear plugs are soft and effective and do not hurt the ear canal.

In the same time they are very effective and block out most of the noise.

However, it has some disadvantages too. I experienced itchy in the beginning and you need more time to get used to them without causing you some discomfort. These sensations are individual to every person so you may not experience the same like me.

Anyway, these are also very good for their price.

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How To Find The Best Earplugs For Sleeping

There are so many people suffering from noisy pollution in the cities. Often they are the fastest and most effective solution to drown out noise. Some people prefer sleeping with earplugs all night long while others prefer using earplugs just the first few hours to help them falling asleep easily.

Many of us are sensitive to all kind of noises while sleeping and we are able to fall asleep only when it is very quite. My neighbor is an old lady and every morning at 6am she turns on the TV to watch her favorite soap opera so I can hear it in my bedroom. My partner snores. When I stay in hotels I always take a pair of earplugs with me because you never know how loud could be… All we know how disturbing can be all these noises and there are too many “irritants” for your ears.

You don’t have to take my word for granted regarding these 3 noise canceling earplugs for sleeping. You can find your own top 3 products by using the most important criteria for you. In my opinion, the most important 3 factors are comfort, level of noise canceling and price.

List with the criteria that you may want to include in your search are the following:

  • Price
  • Noise Reduction Rating
  • Comfort for sleeping
  • Easy to use
  • Dermatological safe
  • Type of material – foam, silicone or plastic earplug
  • Packaging

People tend to look for the cheapest product on the market. However, when it comes to health we should be more careful and emphasize on the quality of the product and value for money. The most rational thing you can do is calculate the value of these earplugs per pair. Most of them are offered in quantities like 200 pairs in a box or 20 pairs in a box. In this case, BioEars are the most expensive by $1,13 per pair. On the other hand they are made of silicon instead of foam and give totally different feeling and comfort. 3M Classic Earplugs and Howard Leight are more or less on equal price level – $0.136 per pair for 3M and $0,10 per pair for Howard. Both 3M and Howard are inexpensive and excellent value for money.

When it comes to the comfort that sleeping earplugs provide, the best idea is to try different types and see what really fits to your ears. Don’t just count on the comments of the other people because you will find excellent comments for almost all earplugs for sleeping. Instead, try to find the one pair of earplugs that fits you and your needs. For example, in my opinion, BioEars are the best because I have very comfortable sleep with them without feeling any pain or itchy and they block out moderate noise effectively.

What I found is good for me is to change from time to time the type of earplugs I use. I use Bioears as for me they are the most comfortable and easy to put because do not insert them in the ear canal. In case that the noise level is higher I change to 3M as they have better noise protection.

Finding the best product solution for you depends also on the type of noise – weather it comes from outside or it is in the room. Most common disturbing noises for sleepers are car traffic, snoring partner, home equipment – fridge, washing machine; TV, music, loud neighbors or roommate. Usually all these noises can be blocked out by using proper earplugs.

The customer satisfaction and reviews may help you, regardless of whether you are buying a mattress or the best earplugs for sleeping. Looking for Amazon reviews will give you a better understanding of the products, so that you can make the best decision at the end. What other people say is helpful and it is always useful to have a different point of view.

You should keep in mind that every person is different and his own needs are maybe not the same as yours. I can easily recommend you the same product that works best for me but it is clear that my needs are maybe not the same as yours. That is why I recommend you to try few different types and then make your choice. I selected for you what in my experience is good and work in different situations and according to various criteria.

 So take your time and look at some reviews but be careful with the 5-star rated reviews as sometimes you cannot get the whole picture.


My personal vote goes for BioEars Earplugs in Silicone Earplugs category in case comfort is priority number one and you have to block out light to moderate noise level. When it comes primary to high noise level blocking I would go for and 3M 1100 in Foam Earplugs category, 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs or Howard Leight.

All the 3 products I presented are very good choice and you will get true value for their price and I believe they should be among your top choices!

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